Thursday, November 03, 2005

Truth About Torture - Newsweek World News -

Why should anyone doubt that Rumpsfeld organised systematic torture or abuse of detainess in Iraq and elswhere.

Officers from his army are increasingly coming forward to support these claims.

What happens when Congress tries to stop it? The administration overules congress, or tries to do so.

Congress has been trying to uphold or restore "American values."

It remains to be seen what American values are. With this Government still in power, it seems that American values are not compatible with universal human rights.

The Americans have accepted a primitive and brutal psychological law. It goes like this- if the bad guys can smash the heart out of our greatest city, then we can retaliate in any and every way possible.

That is mad mob psychology. It is George Bush's Wild West Psychology.

It is compounded by the extreme likelihood that it was the Bush administration who committed 911in the first place, to provide the pretext for world domination, or as they put it "the war on terror."

Oh, how hard it is to resist the feeling of outrage that comes up whenever I see more evidence of injustice and cruelty dressed up as freedom and democracy.

Truth About Torture - Newsweek World News - "'I think our policies required abuse,' says Lagouranis. 'There were freaking horrible things people were doing. I saw [detainees] who had feet smashed with hammers. One detainee told me he had been forced by Marines to sit on an exhaust pipe, and he had a softball-sized blister to prove it. The stuff I did was mainly torture lite: sleep deprivation, isolation, stress positions, hypothermia. We used dogs.'

Fishback has also won a devoted and powerful ally in Sen. John McCain, who says that the captain's tale 'is what I view as the tip of the iceberg in the military today.'"


Blogger Marco Polo said...

if the bad guys can smash the heart out of our greatest city, then we can retaliate in any and every way possible.
Correction: "if we can get some bad guys to smash into a cultural icon of ours, then we can do whatever the hell we want and call it retaliation, and no-one will be able to argue against us without looking like a traitor! Even the sky is not the limit then: using nukes in conventional warfare, space wars, full spectrum dominance. We've won!"

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