Monday, November 21, 2005

TomDispatch - Tomgram: An American Tipping Point?

This is special. This article is the best and most detailed inside-America summary of the tipping point in Bush's fate that I have been blogging about a lot recently.

But this extract below is even more special because it places the resistence and martyrdom of the people of Falluja in the centre of the overthrow of what was set to become another fascist empire of a thousand years.

the mission was all too nearly accomplished. But Falluja resisted. Now all the cowards are coming out of hiding. The fear makers are in fear. The wheel of fortune has past the zenith. It hurtles Bushco down to its end now.

My fourth poem on Falluja may be starting today.

TomDispatch - Tomgram: An American Tipping Point?: "Following this 'historic landing,' he stepped up to an on-deck podium where, under a White House banner that read 'Mission Accomplished,' he declared that 'major combat operations in Iraq have ended.' This was clearly meant to be the stunning start of the President's campaign for reelection in 2004, a classic piece of Rovian image manipulation and a nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party. And so it seemed to most at the time.

But if you revisit the CNN story about the landing and speech, headlined 'Bush calls end to ‘major combat,'' it's hard now not to note the subhead lurking just under it: U.S. Central Command: Seven hurt in Fallujah grenade attack. Seven wounded American soldiers -- that really says it all. The photo-op that was meant for the reelection campaign was already being undermined by another story; two policies yoked together were already pulling in different directions. Our present moment was already being born, unnoticed but in plain sight."


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