Friday, November 25, 2005

Has Blairco infiltrated the BBC?

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Four month detention for Glitter: "Vietnamese police say they need longer to complete their investigations, although they say they have enough evidence to hold Glitter for another four months.

Under Vietnamese law, he can be held for up to 12 months before it is necessary to lay charges."

Last week I saw a BBC report about Brazilian police shooting lots of people in the head. I wondered why. After all the Chinese and many other countries police do that all the time.
I assume the BBC team went to Brazil to research this because of our police shooting a Briaazilian plumber in London.

Today we have a report that a British National in Vietnam is being held for months without charge.


What is the sub text, the message the BBC wants us to pick up?

Are we being groomed, as if by a peaedophile Government, to accept levels of human rights that are below a civilised standard?

Did the Hutton triumph over the BBC go much deeper than we may have thought?

Answers please?

We are seeing a steady stream of stuff coming out into the media differentiating Blair the good buy from Bush the villain.

I smell a rat in a spin. Let us not be a mazed!


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