Friday, January 28, 2005

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | In quotes: Auschwitz anniversary

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | In quotes: Auschwitz anniversaryOur Government bids us remember the destruction of the jews and gypsies of Europe 60 years ago. On the same day it decides to create laws which will make a present day holocaust possible in England. Blair is quoted in the news saying that the death camps began with a stone thown through a window. That is utterly wrong. It begab with the passing of laws that allowed Governments to suspend human rights. Blair and his ministers are opting out of Human Rights once more, as they plan to legalise house arrest without reference to a judge. The really frightening quote from Blair on Radio One yesterday morning was this one. "The great majority have nothing to fear." But anyone who believes in life liberty and freedom under law is bound to fear this legislation. The sad truth is that is only a shrinking minority of our people. Employment levels are high. The economy is strong. We are a rich people. Very soon we will vote a war criminal and his party back into power, because we do not have a better alternative. The entourage surrounding the heirs to the throne are racists of the ugliest kind. But even at this time of remembrance they can get away with their Nazi uniforms. The damger is not that we forget the Nazis, but that we do nothing about Blair's New Labour.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

druid marriage
G and I were married at the exact winter solstice in the stones of Avebury

BBC NEWS | Politics | Citizenship event for 18s touted

BBC NEWS | Politics | Citizenship event for 18s toutedOne thing I do appreciate about Blairy England is a new approach to life changes. Not only is the ceremony for marriage evolving rapidly so that we may soon be able to take a registrar to a sacred site of our own choosing, but we may soon having a special civic ceremony to mark the transition to adulthood. I have little confidence in this Government finding any deep symbolism for such occasions,however. How near they came with the Dome, though. It so nearly offered us a chance to explore the place we all come from. The huge figure at the centre could have been a woman. We should have enteresd and exited through that birth canal, and made our way back to the moment of conception that was deep inside it. Instead of that we entered through the thigh like some old Greek myth. Will we now enter the body politic through a meaningful orifice, do you think? Or will we be asked to kiss New Labour's ass?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | Fears of 'abuse' photos backlash

BBC NEWS UK Fears of 'abuse' photos backlashI notice the defence describes one of the accused as a "war hero". Some of these people were photographing simulating anal and oral sex with these prisoners. Are these the heroes of Blairy Britain? Or is this just a less appealing detail of the New World Order?