Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jason Leopold describes developments in the Plame inquiry

This is a very interesting article. I have picked out a key paragraph indicating likely developments in Fitzgerals's work.
The important information is that he has succeeded in turning some top Bush aides, who are perhaps capable of bringing down Cheney and Rove.

Leopold reckons that Fitzgerald is holding back an indictment of Rove, because informers will enable him to go for more serious charges than perjury.

Jason Leopold: "Lawyers involved in the two year old probe said that two former Cheney aides had a hand in obtaining information about Wilson and shared it with Libby after the chief of staff had personally requested such information.

Those aides, David Wurmser and John Hannah, are now cooperating with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s probe into the outing of Plame’s identity and CIA status to reporters. Wurmser and Hannah have agreed to cooperate with Fitzgerald after being told that they faced indictment for their role in outing Plame."


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