Sunday, November 27, 2005

Independent Online Edition > Another step in the creation of a police state

Another step in the creating of a police state.

Robert Fisk is warning us loud and clear of the demise of freedom in our country under Blair. He writes about the destruction of Al Jazeera in Baghdad by the Americans as well as the threat to destroy them elswhere in the middle east.

"Of course, al-Jazeera is no golden child of journalism. Its discussion programmes are often weighed down with uncompromising Islamists, its dutiful presentation of bin Laden's tiresome sermons balanced by interviews with
Western leaders far tougher than any questions put to al-Qa'ida's bearded leadership. But it is a free voice in the Middle East - and so was attacked by the Americans in Kabul and in Baghdad. And almost in Qatar. And thus British journalists must now be suppressed by Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara if they dare to reveal the latest revelation from the dark and bloody pit into which Messrs Blair and Bush have plunged us."

Independent Online Edition > UK Politics: "The decision of the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, to approve the prosecution and warn the media against coverage of the leaked document has surprised many at Westminster. The affair has renewed accusations of 'control freakery' by the Government. MPs said the decision to go to court and gag the media was 'heavy handed' and a sign that Tony Blair was losing his grip on power. Some in Whitehall see it as a 'warning shot' to journalists following a string of embarrassing leaks revealing the internal workings of Tony Blair's government."


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