Saturday, November 12, 2005

Al-Libi’s Tall Tales - Newsweek National News -

The water is simply pouring through the broken down levees, piled high with mud of coercion and conspiracy, which once so successfully protected this US administration which has always operated beneath the water line of human decency.

More and more time servers, journalists and public servants of all kinds, are crawling out of the flood water to to tell their stories of how the people were deceived into a war crime against an innocent Nation.

100,000 people and more have died so far and thousands more will now have to die, in a war of aggression that was marketed like real estate, with fairy tale straw spun into the gold of truth.

Al-Libi’s Tall Tales - Newsweek National News - "The report stated it was “likely” al-Libi was “intentionally misleading” his debriefers and might be describing scenarios “that he knows will retain their interest.” A DIA official confirmed to NEWSWEEK that the DITSUM report—which also questioned whether the “intensely secular” Iraqi regime would provide such assistance to an Islamic fundamentalist regime “it cannot control”—was circulated at the time throughout the U.S. intelligence community and that a copy would have been sent to the National Security Council. "


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