Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cheney can no longer bully the media out of the truth

"All that is required for the victory of evil is for good men to do nothing."

This whole Iraq thing looks more and more like the result of a fascist take-over of the United States.

Joe Wilson spoke on the Today Programme in London this morning. He described a republican in congress free to say that his wife Valerie Plame "got what she deserved."

When they tried to abuse Murtha the other day in congress for opposing the war someone flew across the floor and screamed at them. That should have happened before. The bullying is over.

But how could it be acceptable anywhere, to say that by exposing her as a secret agent, (what we over here would maybe call treason,) Bushco was giving her what she deserved?

History will tell us that the US state was taken over by a group of conspirators, and Dick Cheney was the principal amomg them.

Journalists who would not go to bed with alliance troops were murdered in Iraq. Any political opposition to the war was stamped as treachery. "If you are not with us you are against us." Remember that. The latest we hear is that Bush almost bombed Al Jazeera in a friendly country for broadcasting things he did not like.

When Joe Wilson dared to be the little boy who told us the President's case for war was a naked lie, he had to be made an example. For two years Bushco ran a smear campaign against him which went to the extreme of exposing his wife as a secret agent, putting the country's spies at risk.

My question is: what is the truth? Did the entire mainstream media buy into Bushco, or were they terrorised, or was it a mixture of the two.

Why is it only now, as the truth starts to break through the bubble of lies and deceit that has been coined as truth for the last few years, even after the wmd were blatantly shown to be non existent, that the media has begun to tell us the truth about Bushco?

The reality, however, is that while the Yalie president may not be the brightest star on the horizon, the owlish Cheney is nobody's dummy. What he is, and has always been, is the most bald-faced of the administration's war hustlers, shamelessly peddling, for example, the cloak-and-dagger tale of a Hussein operative meeting with Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in Prague long after U.S. intelligence had dismissed it.

Similarly, it was Cheney who was instrumental in getting Colin Powell to make the astonishing claims of the intelligence source code-named "Curveball" the centerpiece of the secretary of state's prewar presentation to the United Nations. Now, thanks to a definitive investigation by the Los Angeles Times published Sunday, we find out that top German intelligence sources in charge of interrogating Curveball had already declared him an unreliable source."


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