Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Fog of War: White Phosphorus, Fallujah and Some Burning Questions

This story on the Today programme this morning subtly changed and moved up in importance till it was top story. Blairy England ran it about a week ago.
The Barbarian ambassadors lied to us about the use of these weapons. That is now clear. The Pentagon owned up.

RAI is the equivalent of an Italian BBC and not to be easily ignored.

what this version from Common Dreams misses is the fact that the barbarians, having ordered civilians to abandon their homes, treated everyone in that city as an insurgent. They poured all kinds of toxic material down on the place before moving in.

The bodies I saw on video were destroyed by something very terrible indeed. Flesh melted inside clothes unburned. How?

The barbarian who suggested it was "the elements" that caused it should be taken very seriously, as much as any madman.

The Fog of War: White Phosphorus, Fallujah and Some Burning Questions: "There have also been claims that in the minutiae of the argument about the use of WP, a broader truth is being missed. Kathy Kelly, a campaigner with the anti-war group Voices of the Wilderness, said: 'If the US wants to promote security for this generation and the next, it should build relationships with these countries. If the US uses conventional or non-conventional weapons, in civilian neighourhoods, that melt people's bodies down to the bone, it will leave these people seething. We should think on this rather than arguing about whether we can squeak such weapons past the Geneva Conventions and international accords.'"


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