Monday, November 14, 2005

AlterNet: Blogs: The Mix: Two points on torture.

Well, well,
It seems that the US is signed up to an international convention against torture that may allow Bushites to get arrested when they wander abroad.
Let's hope so.

AlterNet: Blogs: The Mix: Two points on torture.: " those associated with the legal opinions and their surrounding policies should be aware that there is case law from Nuremberg that suggests that lawyers and policymakers can be criminally liable for the advice they have given and the decisions they have taken. […]

The possibility cannot be excluded that the Pinochet precedent will come back to haunt Addington, Yoo and others in the Bush administration. International law is not just for other people in other countries. Ignoring it will not be cost-free, including worries about foreign travel, as former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori learned last week when he was taken into custody in Chile."


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