Monday, November 07, 2005

As we speak Channel 4 news accuses Cheney of being in favour of torture, while more American troops are charged with torture.

We do not torture, says Mr Bush.

Across the planet Fillipinos charge US troops with rape. their spkeswoman says the US is raping the planet.

Yet the supposed democrats are so slow to challenge the administration about the war.

I am not even confident that Blair will be stopped from getting his 90 days detention.

Perhaps someone should tell him to stop using the phrase "I have no doubt." From his lips, it stands for nothing but stubborn resistence to truth. "Cheney now seven points behind the public beating of children E-mail
Thursday, 03 November 2005

Bush's approval rating has fallen to 35. Maybe America is starting to realize that secret prisons and endless war aren't really the best government we can possibly hope for.

Dick Cheney, in the same poll, has a 19 percent approval rating.

19 percent.

That's two points less popular than cheating on your spouse and seven points behind corporal punishment in schools (scroll down).

That's down in what can be politely called lunatic territory. As I've been pointing out for years, twenty or thirty percent of Americans believe any insane thing you can imagine.

Dick Cheney is now 18 points behind the number of people who believe alien beings have secretly contacted the U.S. government."


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