Monday, November 21, 2005

Open letter to David Cameron: re Cluster bombs

Dear David,
At a public meeting in Charlbury I recall you promising to address the issue of cluster bombs dropped in civilian areas of Iraq with the Government.

Thank you for your letter and the letter written by the junior defense minister Mr Ingrams in response to my question about the Downing Street memos. What I wanted was a response from Mr Blair about his lies about the plans agreed for war on false intelligence. I guess a junior MP only gets a response from a junior minister. It seems that the commons is so organised now that I am very lucky you had a reply at all. I expect things to change when you become leader of the opposition very soon.

I have to say that a flood of evidence from the US like a hurricane through New Orleans is exposing Mr Ingrams version of events before the last iraq war as false, as false as his statement to the commons that phospherus was not used as a weapon in Iraq. He has owned up to that now at least.

Please let me know what your party is doing to address these human rights violations by our forces.


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