Friday, November 18, 2005

t r u t h o u t - Reid Snaps Back at Cheney on Senate Floor

Cheney came out swinging. But the battle heats up. Reid has challenged Bushco to stop lashing out at critics and come up with some realistic proposals.

More Shia mosques just blew up. The country is falling apart. There are nothing like enough troops in Iraq to defeat the insurgency.
So what are you goingto do, Mr Bushcheney?

t r u t h o u t - Reid Snaps Back at Cheney on Senate Floor: "The White House needs to understand that deceiving the American people is what got them into trouble. Now is the time to come clean, not to continue the pattern of deceit.

So again, I ask Vice President Cheney to make himself available and answer the American people's questions.

If he has time to talk to DC insiders... oil executives... and a discredited felon - Ahmad Chalabi - who is under investigation for giving this nation's most sensitive secrets to Iran, he has time to answer the questions of the American people.

The Vice President needs to stop stonewalling and hold a press conference.

Finally, I would urge the members of the Bush administration to stop trying to resurrect their political standing by lashing out at their critics. Instead, they need to focus on the job at hand - giving our troops a strategy for success in Iraq.

Just this week, we've seen Stephen Hadley... Donald Rumsfeld... President Bush... and Vice President Cheney lash out at their critics....yet they all remain silent when it comes to giving our troops and the American people a plan for success in Iraq.

Tired rhetoric and political attacks do nothing to get the job done in Iraq.

America can do better."


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