Saturday, November 12, 2005


A nod here to my Jungian roots in a copy from a book about Bush from a Jungian perspective.

Even if you dislike the psychological jargon, dear reader, you will see the comparisons with our own dear leader, Mr Blair.
Blair's behaviour fits this pattern more and more as an unpleasant reality threatens to encraoch.

We really have to worry a great deal right now about bombs going off which will generate states of emergency, effectively coup d'etats in Britain and the USA. We should not expect these evil messiahs to go easily.

At present you even have the utterly mad situation of a Blair henchmen, Mr Reid, announcing that Blair's authority has increased on the back of his 30 vote defeat.

While the rest of us may gasp at such drivel, we can expect Mr Blair to lap it up.

-= NONE SO BLIND =-: "By projecting the shadow, Bush unwittingly becomes a conduit for the deepest, archetypal evil to possess him from behind, beneath his conscious awareness, and to act itself out through him. At the same time, ironically enough, he identifies with the light and imagines that he is divinely inspired. To quote Jung, a person in a position of power who has become dissociated like Bush, “…even runs the grave risk of believing he has a Messianic mission, and forces tyrannous doctrines upon his fellow-beings.” [xi] He then believes that any action he desires is justified in the name of God, rationalizing it as being God’s will. Unable to self-reflect, he is convinced of the rightness of his viewpoint, which he considers non-negotiable. This is a very dangerous situation, as Bush has become unconsciously identified with and possessed by the hero, or savior archetype. This figure is religious in nature, as it derives from the transpersonal, archetypal dimension of the collective unconscious. Being inflated with the hero archetype, he (archetypically) wants to save the world from evil and liberate the planet.

This is the height of irony since, in reality, Bush is acting as an unwitting conduit for evil by instigating wars and taking away peoples’ freedoms."


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