Saturday, November 26, 2005

t r u t h o u t - John Pilger | The News Revolution Has Begun

Here comes Pilger steeming up in support of Blairy England. He does not exactly say the BBC has been infiltrated, just that the BBC always supports the British establishment. The examples in my last two posts suggest it is now going further than that, though, actively massaging the news to make the British establishment look better.

Luckily more and more of us are finding the truth through the internet blog resports. There are several good ones mentioned below.

t r u t h o u t - John Pilger | The News Revolution Has Begun: " The BBC and most of the British political and media establishment invariably cast such a horror as a public relations problem while minimizing the crushing of a city the size of Leeds, the killing and maiming of countless men, women and children, the expulsion of thousands and the denial of medical supplies, food and water - a major war crime.

The evidence is voluminous, provided by refugees, doctors, human rights groups and a few courageous foreigners whose work appears only on the internet. In April last year, Jo Wilding, a young British law student, filed a series of extraordinary eye-witness reports from inside the city. So fine are they that I have included one of her pieces in an anthology of the best investigative journalism.* Her film, 'A Letter to the Prime Minister,' made inside Fallujah with Julia Guest, has not been shown on British television. In addition, Dahr Jamail, an independent Lebanese-American journalist who has produced some of the best frontline reporting I have read, described all the 'things' the BBC failed to 'see.' His interviews with doctors, local officials and families are on the internet, together with the work of those who have exposed the widespread use of uranium-tipped shells, another banned weapon, and cluster bombs, which Campbell would say are 'technically legal.' Try these web sites:,,,,,,, There are many more.

'Each word,' wrote Jean-Paul Sartre, 'has an echo. So does each silence.'"


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