Friday, November 25, 2005

Blair should be awarded the triple cross

I am not sure why Joe Wilson has come here backing Blair.
Perhaps it is a charm offensive, thinking we still love our prime minister.

It is hard to believe Wilson has not seen the Downing Street memos which show so clearly how the whole UN thing was a cover story for the invasion.
Saddam was to be provoked into reaction to our bombing raids to make him look like an agressor.

Similarly I find our ex ambassador laughable in his suggestion that Blair was ever wishing to persuade Bush to delay the attack till the autumn.

It all looks to me like a very clever plan to save Blair from the fate of Bushco.

Telegraph | News | White House 'double-crossed' Blair, says Plame husband: "'Mr Blair came to the US when Mr Bush was talking about regime change, and when he left Mr Bush started talking about disarmament as the objective.

'Mr Bush went to the United Nations, I think that that had a lot to do with the influence of the British. I think that Mr Blair really thought that he was getting involved in a disarmament campaign, which was all to the good - I fully supported that."


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