Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rebellion in France, apartheid in Britain?

The Tory vampire, (sorry, leader) Michael Howard declared yesterday that Blair was creating terror laws which would create the equivalent of apartheid in this country. This is truly gripping stuff.

Is the amazing burst of violent unrest in France and other European Nations something that will happen here?

90 days detention will certainly make us a police state. Just listen to Blair appeal over parliament to the sun mob.

In Blairy England it is already fine to shoot a dark skinned person in the head for no good reason.

We can now expect to see many of them locked up for no good reason too.

Howard seems to have gone even further than I would in talking about apartheid, though.

We already see French society very dangerously polarised between the haves and have-nots.
With the gap between rich and poor ever widening in this country, how long will it be before there will be more than just a parliamentary rebellion against this terrorist Government.

Looking at Blair before the cameras today you see a cornered and very dangerous animal, but still a very clever politician.

I say to you again, oh yes, I have to say to you: British society can only deteriorate in terms of a safe and equitable place to live, while leaders can tell us black is white and expect it to be accepted, as Blair has done again with Blunkett.

Riots Spread Into Rebellion: "Riots Spread Into Rebellion
by Julio Godoy

PARIS - Rioting by immigrant youth around Paris has begun to take the shape of a nationwide rebellion against racial and social segregation, and repressive police action."


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