Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Iraq Dispatches: Dahr Jamail Interviewed by Don Nash

the film evidence supports this observers views.
Falluja was a massacre.

Iraq Dispatches: Dahr Jamail Interviewed by Don Nash: "Q. What really happened in Fallujah and Ramadi?

During the November, 2004 siege of Fallujah, 60% of the city was completely destroyed. Most of the rest of it had moderate to severe damage done as well. Iraqi NGO's and medical workers in and around Fallujah estimate over 4000 dead, mostly civilians. To this day, over 50,000 residents of Fallujah remain displaced.

The US military used cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions, and white phosphorous (a new form of napalm) during the siege, and appear to have used forms of chemical weapons as well.

I have described Fallujah as a modern day Guernica, and prefer to call it a massacre rather than a siege. Fallujah is the model of Bush Administration foreign policy. There has been next to no reconstruction completed inside the city, as was promised by occupation authorities."


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