Friday, November 04, 2005

911 global crisis: key articles

Ian Henshall has written a new book on 911 which the US state Department has attacked on its website. I copy this from their rebuttal.

The staement from the state department claims that Silverstein meant pull out the firemen, not pull down the building.

I watched the interview. He did not mean firemen.
Henshall points out that the fire crews had been pulled out that morning. The building was not pulled till

If the state department wants us to believe its story then let it release the video from the petrol staion outside the pentagon. This would totally settle the matter of whether a plane hit the pentagon or not, and if so what plane.

Let them also explain why the 911 commission was not set up for 400 days, long enough for all the steel evidence to be recyled.

The official 911 story is as leaky as a collander.

911 global crisis: key articles: "Here are the important issues we raise which the State Departement ignores.

Firstly we raise the LIHOP issue. LIHOP stands for Let It Happen on Purpose eg elements in Washington might have decided to let the upcoming attack go ahead to provide a justification for their plans to seize Middle East oil. They might have done this by paralysing the US defences. This could include the paralysis at NORAD, the FAA and - as we highlight in the book - in the cabins of the hijacked aircraft on the day of the attacks, when eight fully trained pilots, several with military experience supposedly failed to give a hijack alarm. It includes as well the ignored warnings of summer 2001 and the blocking of FBI investigations.

The White House and its allies in the media are more comfortable talking about 'conspiracy theories' about the physical evidence at the Pentagon etc because they know that LIHOP is what most sceptics among the general public believe in. We have collected a great deal of evidence to support the LIHOP scenario. The scenario is more relvant now that ever for two reasons. One, it is widely accepted since the WMD untruths (and the Downing Street memo confirming an intention to 'fix' the evidence) that we were lied into a war of aggression. Two, ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has confirmed documents written before they came to power: that the Bush cabal intended to act against Iraq - not after - but before the 911 attacks. We call this the line of deceit and observe that the 911 attacks fitted suspiciously neatly onto this line.

Then we raise the Al Qaeda issue. We air the view, given credence by the BBC series The Power of Nightmares, that Al Qaeda is some sort of US construct. We also air the view that Al Qaeda cells are infiltrated (as enemy organisations usually are to some extent) by agents tasked to fight the 'war on terror', but that these agents instead manage events in the interests of the ruling officials and their backers "


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