Thursday, January 19, 2006

US Troops accused of raping Iraqi children

I picked this up from a Pagan group this morning.
I cannot say that it is good quality intelligence, but it quotes sources and is probably as reliable as any of the sources BushBlairco relied on as excuses to invade Iraq.

--- In, Troy Southgate

Iraqi girl of nine kidnapped in front of her school, raped and
left unconscious and bleeding by US troops south of Baghdad on
Sunday 8 January 2005. Americans recorded as having raped 71
Iraqi children under the age of 10 in the year 2005 alone.
In a dispatch posted at 7:45pm Mecca time Sunday
night, "Mafkarat al-Islam" Arabic site reported medical sources in
the city of "Al-Hillah", south of Baghdad, as saying that US
troops on Sunday had forcibly kidnapped and raped a nine-year-old
girl, abducting her as she came out of her school after classes.
The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a doctor in al-
Hillah General Hospital, who asked not to be identified, as
saying that the little girl was found four hours after the
criminal attack, unconscious with blood all over her face and legs.
Witnesses said that the little girl Aminah (the rest of her name
was not published) was standing by the door of "Umm al-Banin
School", waiting for her family to pick her up. In full view of
all the people in the area, an American soldier kidnapped her in
his military vehicle which was part of a patrol passing by.
Numerous witnesses reported that Aminah was later found in
the "Maqali` al-Hasa" area near "al-Hillah", close to an American
base there.
The doctor in al-Hillah General Hospital, who spoke with
Mafkarat al-Islam, said that he had reported the crime to
correspondents for the "Al-Arabiyah Satellite TV Network" and "Al-
`Iraqiyah TV Network" which is owned by American-run Iraqi
government, but they were not interested in the incident,
believing that running the story would get them in trouble with
the US occupation authorities and the American-installed puppet
Aminah's family requested that the Mafkarat al-Islam
correspondent not publish the full name or photograph of their
daughter in hospital for ethical reasons and Mafkarat al-Islam
complied with their wishes.
The correspondent noted that the "Iraqi Organization for
Children Welfare" had registered 71 cases of rape committed by US
occupation troops against Iraqi children under the age of 10
during the year 2005 alone


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