Friday, January 13, 2006

The UN will start to investigate war crimes in Iraq.

Maybe you signed this letter from Tony Ben via Blairy England

The letter is bearing fruit.

Reply from Kofi Annan's office: "Iraq war crimes allegations referred by UN Secretary-General's office to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Stop the War Coalition
Press release: Immediate
5.30pm Monday 9th January 2006

Tony Benn has today received a reply to his request to Kofi Annan to investigate possible war crimes in Iraq. In his letter to Mr Benn, Nicholas Michel, UN Under Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, states: 'your letter raises matters which are of extremely serious concern and which would appear to fall within the remit of a number of the mechanisms that the United Nations has established for the promotion and protection of human rights...On behalf of the Secretary-General, I am accordingly transmitting your letter and its attachments to the High Commissioner for Human Rights and asking her to explore what channels might be available to address your concerns.'"

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