Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dismal days of democracy and Bush war

And for all those poor Iraqis life is getting worse.
Under saddam their health service was better than ours.
See below for the current situation.

On TV yesterday Blair asked for a philosophical debate on Liberty. The only philosopher he mentioned was Thomas Hobbes.
Hobbes said that the natural life of man was "poor mean nasty brutish and short" and could only be improved by the formation of a Leviathan where all are bound together into the state.

Saddam understood that. Under him the people were secure and wealthy, at least prior to the west sponsored war on Iran.

Now the Leviathan has gone we have a democracy where the fight is all against all and life is much much worse.

Now Blair wants to destroy Liberty in this country and create a state Leviathan where even parenting is determined by the state.

Come on Mr Blair, debate if you dare.

"'Democracy' Brings Bleak Days
by Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed

BAGHDAD - Many Iraqis see dismal days ahead in the face of rising violence and the decision by the U.S. administration not to seek any further funds for reconstruction.

'It is obvious that the situation is much worse than it used to be,' retired army general Ahmed Abdul Aziz told IPS. 'Can you walk free in the streets? Did you receive your food ration last month? It is essential for most Iraqis to receive the food ration just to feed their families.' "


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