Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Respect agenda or state terrorism?

On the Today programme this morning we heard Blair talk of "eye watering proposals, not eye catching proposals."

It's Blair's way to detain , it's his way to embrace,
Like a knee to your balls or a fist in your face.

This is the next stage of imposing a Police State.
If you have cash in your pocket now you must prove it is yours.
If you do something the Police do not like you face an instant fine, summary justice. You can appeal later, if you dare.
Now you are suddenly guilty till proven innocent.
This is Blair's 21 century England.

Meanwhile a National Parenting Academy knows more about parenting than we do as parents. Just as we must assume British people know better how to rule Iraq than the Iraqis.

I come back to the fundamental issue that parenting is about giving an example.

The Blair Government is a terrible parent to the country, just as the Blair's are poor parents to their own children. Blair's son is a drunken brawler, his daughter probably suicidal.

Blair has made peace with the IRA. Why not, he behaves just like they did.

The IRA imposed their own bully boy gun-law on republican parts of Northern Ireland where the RUC had lost control.

The UN had lost control of Iraq according to Blair, so he was entitled to impose his torturing murdering army on the people of Iraq, doing the will of the UN in spite of its democratic opposition to the Anglo American invasion.

Blair and Bush can override democracy in the UN and start wars of aggression with impunity based on deliberate lies.

Student sare sent down for plagiarising essays, while Blair gets away with plagiarising out of date thesese for false propaganda.

We simply will not take it any more.

You absolutley invalidate your right to impose law in this country if you refuse to abide by the International system of law that you signed up to, Mr Blair. You are a war criminal. You are a thug.

Now you think you can impose state thuggery on our own people.

Nanny Blair strikes again on parenting | the Daily Mail: "Tony Blair is today giving the State alarming powers to seize control of how parents raise their children.

A National Parenting Academy will teach health professionals and social workers how to educate new mothers and fathers about their 'responsibilities'.

They will begin handing out the advice at ante-natal classes or in home visits immediately after a child is born.

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Parents whose children step out of line later in life will face draconian sanctions, including parenting orders, even if they have not broken the law.

Last night, critics attacked the plan as the most alarming example to date of the Government's 'nanny statism'.

They said the Prime Minister wanted to control every aspect of a child's upbringing from Whitehall.


Will McMahon, senior associate of the Crime and Society Foundation, said: 'The Government clearly wants to take over the parenting role. This expansion in powers has an Orwellian feel to it.'"

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