Monday, January 16, 2006

t r u t h o u t - Airstrike by US Draws Protests from Pakistanis

Blairy england looks forward to a time when Bushco will feel free not only to kidnap our nationals as it is already doing but to bomb villages in Wales or Scotland oe even this one, thought to be a threat to the Emperor.

Doubtless Mr Blair and his government would not oppose such developments. The Americans already claim the right to shoot our nationals if they seem threatening outside American bases.

t r u t h o u t - Airstrike by US Draws Protests from Pakistanis: " In a speech he gave to townspeople in Sawabi, President Musharraf warned that aiding militants was dangerous.

'If we harbor foreign terrorists, those who carry out bomb blasts throughout the world, then remember that our future is not good,' he said. 'People should not side with foreign militants,' he said. 'They should tell us about them so we take action against them,' he said.

He did not directly criticize the United States for the attack, and it was left to the Foreign Ministry to protest the infringement of sovereignty. 'Our armed forces have undertaken large-scale operations against the foreign militants, and it remains our responsibility to protect our people and territory from outside intrusion,' the ministry said.

The statement was the second in two weeks in which the Pakistani government has condemned what was thought to be an American attack on its soil. Eight people, including women and children, were reported killed Jan. 7 when missiles destroyed the house of a local cleric in North Waziristan close to the Afghan border. Pakistan lodged a strong protest with coalition forces on Monday, but said it was still investigating whether the missiles had been fired from Pakistani airspace or from Afghan territory."


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