Sunday, January 01, 2006

Installing Big Brother or what is hidden in the Bushes

In the 1970's the Nixon administration was getting close to a police state. The Bushmen who were there then and are back now with Bush junior liked it that way and want it back that way.
911 was all part of the plan to install Big Brother.

As we start 2006 the big question is whether they will get away with it or whther a combination of libertarians from both left and right will come together to roll back the interfering state.

Hold your breath.

Its good practice for the water boarding that may come later if we lose.

village voice > news > Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway: "INSTALL BIG BROTHER
The failures of the FBI and CIA in 9-11 were not because of any wall. These agencies failed because they weren�t doing their jobs right. The congressional investigation found the CIA couldn�t penetrate al Qaeda�an especially odd claim since we had helped to create and finance al Qaeda as an instrument to win the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. John Walker Lindh and other Americans walked right into al Qaeda and were greeted by its high officials. How come the CIA couldn�t do the same? No wall kept the CIA from getting Osama bin Laden. They just couldn�t find him. As for how the hijackers got into the U.S., it�s hardly a mystery. An FBI informant among the Muslim community in San Diego socialized with two hijackers and rented a room to one of them. When Congress tried to figure out how this happened, the Bureau covered it up, refusing to allow the informant to testify. Again, there was no wall here�just plain incompetence made worse by a deliberate cover-up. The FBI reportedly was informed in April 2001 by a longtime reliable asset of an impending attack using airliners as missiles. It did nothing. An operation known as Able Danger reportedly turned up information on and tracked hijacker Mohammad Atta as far back as 1998, but the Pentagon wouldn�t tell the FBI what it knew. Even now, the Bush administration is fighting to prevent the Able Danger officials from testifying before Congress about what they knew and when they knew it. When it comes to intelligence, the only thing worse than the FBI�s record is the CIA�s.
Given all that�s happened, the only explanation for the Bush domestic spying is that it�s political. There are no crimes involved here. But there is an overweaning desire by this so-called conservative government to establish and i"


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