Thursday, January 05, 2006

t r u t h o u t - John Pilger | The Quiet Death of Freedom?

When I write about the death of freedom I feel like an outsider who is not going to be believed.
When I see Pilger writing this article I feel chilled.

Bush and Blair are completing their programme to destroy a free world.

700 people have been to Blairy england this week.
Our visitors are going up staedily.

But we have to do something more than read and write.

If the mad dads can do something we surely must be able to find a way to confront the new barbarism.
t r u t h o u t - John Pilger | The Quiet Death of Freedom?: "Freedom is dying.

Eighty-year-old John Catt served with the RAF in the Second World War. Last September, he was stopped by police in Brighton for wearing an 'offensive' T-shirt, which suggested that Bush and Blair be tried for war crimes. He was arrested under the Terrorism Act and handcuffed, with his arms held behind his back. The official record of the arrest says the 'purpose' of searching him was 'terrorism' and the 'grounds for intervention' were 'carrying placard and T-shirt with anti-Blair info' [sic].

He is awaiting trial."


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