Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Pacifist `Threat'

"Peace and opposition to war". Yes, sir, the quakers are under surveillance again. They are the wrong kind of Christians. They don't like crusades, murder, torture, rape, and pillage.

The Pacifist `Threat': "Published on Monday, January 16, 2006 by the Hartford Courant (Connecticut)
The Pacifist `Threat'
Disclosure Of Recent Government Surveillance Of Quaker Activities Doesn't Surprise Members
by Francis Grandy Taylor

A group of Quakers who were protesting military recruitment efforts at a Florida high school recently learned their meeting was included on a secret Pentagon database of 'suspicious incidents.' When that news broke last month, it had a familiar ring for many American Quakers.

'With the restriction of civil liberties goes surveillance,' says Don Weinholtz, a Quaker who lives in Windsor. 'It just seems to be a very unfortunate natural course of events.'

The Religious Society of Friends is one of the largest groups of Quakers in the United States, with about 600,000 members worldwide. They embrace beliefs, called testimonies, that include peace, equality and rejection of war in all its forms."


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