Thursday, January 12, 2006

British Officer Blisters US Army in Iraq Critique

The American military have published a British soldiers critique of their war effort.

1) Cultural insensitivity. Me Tarzan you Jane. Basically a racial superiority thing.

2) Too much belief in their own propaganda. Where are my flowers? They said I would get flowers.

3) Not reporting difficulties. Hey they do not want to hear how tough this is so why tell them.

4) Kill first talk later. American forces like to attack a problem with maximum force and minimum sensitivity.

After all the friendly fire incidents the RAF would rather trust the Iraqi enemy than the US military. This is true though not in the report.

British Officer Blisters US Army in Iraq Critique: "WASHINGTON - The U.S. Army has displayed damaging cultural insensitivity in Iraq, while being blinded by unrealistic optimism and predisposed to use maximum force, a senior British officer wrote in a blistering appraisal in a U.S. military publication."


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