Thursday, January 05, 2006

Guardians of power the myth of the liberal media

Here is abook that is likely to tell us what most of us bloggers know already, that the supposedly liberal press runs a right wing agenda. It is interesting that they actually claim that this is a psychopathic agenda, one of ruthless exploitation of people and planet.

media alerts: "AD: The focus of your book is the liberal media. Why have you chosen this target rather than the right-wing media which many would consider far worse?

ML: As Joel Bakan notes in his book, The Corporation, the current status quo is fundamentally psychopathic - it systematically subordinates people and planet to profit. Much of the suffering in the Third World is the result of deliberate military, economic and other interventions to subordinate the interests of local people to Western corporate profits. Much of the destruction of the environment - for example of the climate - is the result of the same psychopathic set of priorities."


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