Wednesday, December 07, 2005

US Defense of Tactic Makes No Sense Says Legal Expert

It should be clear by now that the barbarian's postion is that they can kidnap whom they like where they like. They have ben doing it for years, and they don't carer about International Law.

US Defense of Tactic Makes No Sense Says Legal Expert: "'The argument makes no sense unless there is an assumption that the purpose of rendition is to send people to a place where things could be done to them that could not be done in the United States,' said David Luban, a law professor at Georgetown University who is presently a visiting professor at Stanford University.

'Rendition doesn't become a tool in the war against terror unless people are being sent to a place where they can be interrogated harshly.'

In her statement yesterday, Ms Rice said rendition was necessary in instances where local governments did not have the capacity to prosecute a terror suspect, or in cases where al-Qaida members were operating in remote areas far from an operational justice system.

However, the majority of the two dozen or so terror suspects known to have been subjected to rendition were captured in urban areas. Some were taken in Europe."


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