Thursday, December 08, 2005

Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Art, truth and politics

I fear Pinter is dying. This great speech read on his behalf at the Nobel Ceremony tells it like it is. It is about truth in Art, but it is as much about political lies. I have picked out this snippet. You can read it all on the link.
Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Art, truth and politics: "Direct invasion of a sovereign state has never in fact been America's favoured method. In the main, it has preferred what it has described as 'low intensity conflict'. Low intensity conflict means that thousands of people die but slower than if you dropped a bomb on them in one fell swoop. It means that you infect the heart of the country, that you establish a malignant growth and watch the gangrene bloom. When the populace has been subdued - or beaten to death - the same thing - and your own friends, the military and the great corporations, sit comfortably in power, you go before the camera and say that democracy has prevailed. This was a commonplace in US foreign policy in the years to which I refer."


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