Wednesday, December 14, 2005

AlterNet: War on Iraq: Ignoring the Air War

I am beginning to like the US better than Blairy England. Bushco does not represent the whole American thing. There are good aspects of it. That is why Bushco has to take its kidnap victims away from home. It is hard for me as a Brit to face the fact that this is one of the most secretive societies in Europe. I hark on about our values of Freedom and Liberty, yet in practice these things are only for the privileged few. Only the privileged few bother to complain as they are taken away from us in theory as well as practice.

Meanwhile, when Blairco started to use the same old torture methods in Iraq that we had supposedly been forced to stop in Northern Ireland, there was not much in the way of uproar here.

Even though we have followed America with a freedom of information act, the Brits have a talent for making sure it cannot work in practice.
They have built in all sorts of ways of making sure the truth does not escape.

As for the media, they do not cover the repetition of Falluja that is going on now in other places in Iraq. See below...

AlterNet: War on Iraq: Ignoring the Air War: "The American media continues to ignore the increasingly devastating air war being waged in Iraq against an ever more belligerent Iraqi resistance -- and, as usual, Iraqi civilians continue to bear the largely unreported brunt of the bombing."


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