Friday, December 16, 2005

Cameron replies: er, not exactly.

Cameron: the party machine takes over from the man.

Blairy England is politically unimportant. It gets only about 100 hits a day.

But there was a real correspondence with my MP.

I think that is no longer possible. He is still my MP, but he is more than that now, and also less than that.

Suddenly there is a spinner writing inane nothings to me on his behalf in response to my concerns.
My computer fixated son thinks this was written by a machine. In this time of good tidings and scrooge, perhaps it was written by Marley's ghost.

You decide.

"Dear Nick,

Thank you so much for writing to David Cameron - he's asked me to thank
you and to say that he appreciated what you had to say enormously.
He's also asked me to say that he is delighted and honoured to have been
elected Leader of the Conservative Party. David Cameron wants the Party
to be a voice for change, optimism and hope in our country. To be that
voice, he believes that we ourselves need to change, and the hard work
starts straight away.

Thanks for drawing our attention to your reply to David on the weblog.

Many thanks again for writing.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Marley
Office of David Cameron MP
Leader of the Opposition"


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