Wednesday, December 14, 2005

AlterNet: The Left's New Majority

It seems America has done the same as we have, ignoring most of us while focusing on the opinions of possible swin voters in swing constituencies.

No wonder democracy is dead.

AlterNet: The Left's New Majority: "Even the second wave of progressive critics, who complain we obsess too much over Republican strategy, end up using the right's supposed victory over hearts and minds as an axis from which to build their arguments. But George W Bush never won a public mandate. The plurality he earned was largely a result of the withdrawal of Democratic campaigns from most states, in a flawed strategy to focus on 'swing states'.

My intention is not to deny the power of the Republican Party as an electoral machine, but to emphasise that that is all it is. Poll after poll has found American citizens largely in support of progressive solutions to public problems, even as Democratic Party support for these ideas has dwindled."


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