Friday, December 09, 2005

t r u t h o u t - Ray McGovern: Cheney in Last Throes

Are Cheney and Rumpsfeld on the way out?
Information of torture and sculdugery floods into the media, who are at least willing to publish it.

Fitzgerald homes in on Rove and Cheney.
Bush is looking to protect his own ass.

But the six blind mice keep things quiet in congress and senate.
It is too early for rejoicing.

Blair already faces trial but only trial by TV.

t r u t h o u t - Ray McGovern: Cheney in Last Throes: " What is new is the willingness of patriotic officials within the government to put their country before their career and go to the media to blow the whistle on the various indignities and crimes they have witnessed. Those officials, initially cowed by the object lesson served up by White House retaliation against former ambassador Joseph Wilson, have become increasingly scandalized at the jettisoning of long accepted practices like those that used to govern interrogations. And so, officials with first-hand knowledge have now begun to come forward and tell what has been going on, in hopes of getting the country back on track. Cheney no longer has Libby to keep his finger in the dike to prevent leaks that are fast becoming a flood, and Karl Rove is preoccupied with his own efforts to avoid indictment."


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