Monday, December 05, 2005

Keeping a Roving eye on Plamegate

Wow this stuff is intricate. I can't pretend to grasp the details. This truthout article attempts to give us them. This fragment seems to show that Rove's assistant has ratted on him under pressure and revealed at least one piece of sneakiness.
My guess is that the delay on indicting Rove is that Fitzgerald either wnts to get Cheney through Rove or is looking for and confident of finding something on Rove much bigger than he has on little Scooter.

t r u t h o u t - Jason Leopold: Rove Running Out of Answers, Time: " During this time, the White House was facing a deadline on turning over documents, emails and phone logs to Justice Department officials probing whether or not the leak came from the White House. Rove's email to Hadley about the conversation he had with Cooper three months earlier didn't turn up during the search, the reasons for which are still murky. Furthermore, a log of Cooper's call to Rove wasn't included in White House phone logs either. Rove's assistant at the time, Susan Ralston, had said Cooper called the White House switchboard and was transferred to Rove's office and transferred calls aren't logged. However, she is said to have 'clarified' her testimony earlier this month, saying that Rove told her not to log the call, after Fitzgerald is said to have obtained documentary evidence proving that wasn't the case with other calls transferred to Rove's office, sources close to the investigation who are familiar with Ralston's testimony said.

At the same time, the White House first started to lay the groundwork for a defense, specifically related to the role Rove played in the leak and whether he or anyone else in the administration knew Plame was a covert CIA operative and intentionally blew her cover in order to undercut Wilson's credibility."


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