Friday, December 16, 2005

Fun Bits About American Torture / In many ways, the U.S. is now just as inhumane and brutal as any Third World regime. Oh well?

Over in america they simply do not buy the Bushco lies any more.
Over here the BBC finds Blair an accomplice to war crimes.
Yet in Blairy England we do not seem to be willing to believe in the evil that is the empire we go on supporting.

The working class do not care and the middle class prefer to pretend everything is fine.
It is unthinkabel for us to behave like this. It is time we faed the truth and put Blair on trial for real.

"'We do not torture.' Remember it, write it in red crayon on the bathroom wall, tattoo it onto your acid tongue because those very words rang throughout the land like a bleak bell, like a low scream in the night, like a cheese grater rubbing against the teeth of common sense when Dubya mumbled them during a speech not long ago, and it was, at once, hilarious and nauseating and it took all the self-control in the world for everyone in the room not to burst out in disgusted laughter and throw their chairs at his duplicitous little head."


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