Sunday, December 04, 2005

A modern day Rumi?

I think we may have a new master poet for the middle east.
He is a deep mystic who writes and speaks of unknown unknowns.
He is apparently called "Rummy", perhaps after the great sufi mystic also called "Rumi".

So enchanting is the new poet that the tail spin of American war in Iraq is described as a success story.

I really love Rumi. He is one of my favourite poets. He writes of his devotion to "the friend". Perhaps he was thinking mystically and prophetically of Mr Blair or Mr Reid.

America is running out of friends fast as they pack their bags and leave Iraq.

I wonder if Bushco has friends in Yorkshire. They are famously quoted about things being a "rum do."

t r u t h o u t - Maureen Dowd | W.'s Head in the Sand: "Talk about your unknown unknowns, as Rummy would say.

The National Strategy for Victory must have come from the same P.R. genius who gave President Top Gun the 'Mission Accomplished' banner about 48 hours before the first counterinsurgency war of the 21st century broke out in Iraq.

It's not a military strategy - classified or unclassified. It's political talking points - and not even good ones. Are we really supposed to believe that anybody, even the most deeply delusional Bush sycophant, believes the phrase 'Our strategy is working'?

The president talked about three neatly definable groups of insurrectionists. But, as Dexter Filkins reported in yesterday's New York Times, there are dozens, perhaps as many as a hundred, groups fighting the US Army in Iraq, and they have little, if anything, in common.

Mr. Bush's presentation claimed that the US was actually making progress in Iraq. But outside the Bush-Cheney-Rummy bubble, 10 more marines were killed by a roadside bomb outside Fallujah, for a total of 2,125 US military deaths so far.

The administration must realize it needs a real exit strategy, because it's advertising for one. The US Agency for International Development is offering more than $1 billion for anyone - anyone at all - who can come up with a plan to pacify and rebuild 10 Iraqi cities seen as vital in the war.

Maybe the White House should apply - Usaid's proffer says the 'invitation is open to any type of entity.'"


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