Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Telegraph | News | Bush will veto anti-torture law after Senate revolt

Telegraph | News | Bush will veto anti-torture law after Senate revolt: "The late-night Senate vote saw the measure forbidding torture passed by 90 to nine, with most Republicans backing the measure. Most senators said the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal and similar allegations at the Guantanamo Bay prison rendered the result a foregone conclusion.

The administration's extraordinary isolation was underlined when the Senate Republican majority leader, Bill Frist, supported the amendment.

The man behind the legislation, Republican Senator John McCain, who was tortured as a prisoner in Vietnam, said the move was backed by American soldiers. His amendment would prohibit the 'cruel, inhumane or degrading' treatment of prisoners in the custody of America's defence department.

The vote was one of the largest and best supported congressional revolts during President George W Bush's five years in office and shocked the White House.

'We have put out a Statement of Administration Policy saying that his advisers would recommend that he vetoes it if it contains such language,' White House spokesman Scott McClellan warned yesterday."

Blow after blow lands on the Bush administration. Insiders report that Bush himself is increasingly paranoid.

I heard through an anti war group this morning that Tony Benn thinks Bush is about to make a nuclear strike on Iran.

Maybe the British propoganda against Iran is a prelude to that.

When the Americans are prepared to vote 10 to 1 against torture and Bush vetoes them in the name of his war on terror we need more than just compassion for him.


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