Wednesday, October 26, 2005

John Sugg: Judith Miller and Me or what ever happened to real journalism

Now we know it, journalists are embeedded in the Pentagon.
So we can all be sure of unbiased and fair reporting from our free world press.

John Sugg: Judith Miller and Me: "I don't like what Miller represents in journalism. She is not, to my mind, a journalist. She forfeited that claim when she became a conduit of propaganda for the neo-conservative cabal that has its bloody hands on the control levers of the nation. In a stunning declaration this month, Miller admitted that she'd been granted a Pentagon security clearance. She tried to backpedal on the assertion, claiming the clearance was routine. But she couldn't spin away the disclosure that she'd been blindsiding her editors and colleagues. She had become a shill for the Bush administration; her employment at the New York Times


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