Friday, October 28, 2005

1000 new schools or nuclear weapons without a rational target or credible threat?

Mark my words, Blair is about to ignore the majority of us as usual and build more nuclear weapons. 55% of us wouldrather have the schools he once told us were his priority. At best 34% support the madness of continued proliferation of our weapons of mass destruction.

Consultation means nothing more thasn informing us to this Government.
All we can hope for is that as Bushco implodes Blairco will tumble too and we can see our way to a sustainable future.

Home page: "The next 10 days are crucial in the campaign to prevent Trident replacement. The Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) will discuss a motion on this issue in a PLP meeting on Monday 31st October. The motion reads: “This PLP questions the wisdom of spending billions on Trident replacement”."


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