Friday, October 28, 2005 News | Will the Bush administration implode?

Salon looks like a smart magazine. I have no idea how close to the mainstream it is but I have to watch an audi car advert before I can read the article fully so it has money and connections with the rich mans world.
The quote below looks pretty accurate to me.
We atre on the edge of momentous change right now.
We will either see a move back towards sanity and a world consensus or a victory of the fascists in BushBlair world and in Iran.

I watch the news like never before.
I blog as never before.

Last night the news was full of madness from Iran followed by hypocritical outrage from Blair.

I guess Bush is too frozen in washington right now to offer a considered response. News | Will the Bush administration implode?: "'[T]he Bush administration has insisted with remarkable success that a vision of the world concocted more or less out of whole cloth inside a bubble of a world is the world itself. It seems, right now, that we're in a race between Bush's fiction-based reality becoming our reality� and an administration implosion in the months or years ahead as certain dangerous facts in Iraq and elsewhere insist on being attended to.'"

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