Monday, October 24, 2005

Craig Murray - Planet Jack Straw - hecklers may be violently ejected!

If you think I am a bit hard on Blaircon then go read our friendly ex ambassador to the Uzbeks.
He is a good read if you have had enough New Labour lies.

Craig Murray - Planet Jack Straw - hecklers may be violently ejected!: "Just think, if it wasn't for 911, and the heaven sent 7/7 bombings, we wouldn't stand a chance of passing all this terror legislation. Detention without trial, deportations to be tortured, glorification. If New Labour hadn't stood up,when it counted to take blatant advantage, then where would we be?

People used to say that the labour movement stood for civil liberties and human rights, indeed concern for these values underpins our every deportation and rendition.
But the rules of the game have changed.
Only Tony has got the vision, the clarity and the leadership to take on the UN, and tutor them in the ways of righteousness. In our new world, Human Rights lite is the 3rd way. And just as soon as the world gets behind our vision of responsibility to protect [better check out what Dubya thinks of that one], then genocide and dictstorship will become a thing of the past, except for where we think we have a vested interest... We have to respect our friends in Uzbekistan."


Anonymous ringverse said...

I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I don't want Craig to get into trouble for having some one elses words attributed to him.

That wasn't Craig, it was me, he just reproduced it on his site.

Craig is far more measured, precise and professional, I just rant.


[btw, am in the middle of moving my site tonight, I'll post the url to the original article when i have got up and running in it's new home. The new site should be online tomorrow.]

10:31 pm  

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