Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Iraq and British troops. Government lies and military reality

While the Government tells us things are going well in Iraq, even soldiers decorated for heroism are leaving the army rather than go back there.

The British area of Iraq is supposed to be supportive of the British presence.
So how come there are all these unreported attacks on our troops.

You cannot have democratic elections in a country occupied by a foreign power.
We must bring the troops home now before more lives are lost to no good purpose.

Independent Online Edition > Middle East : app6: "Pte Samuels' decision to leave the Army may be a particularly significantlandmark. A war hero, he was decorated for saving lives during the ambush which earned his comrade Pte Johnson Beharry a Victoria Cross. But he told The Independent yesterday that he decided to leave the moment he was told his unit would be returning to Iraq.

'I couldn't do that,' he said, 'Not straight away like that. It would be different if they were sending me to somewhere like Afghanistan ­ but not Iraq, right now. The stress for the guys out there is immense. They are seeing so much bad stuff. I owed it to my family to call it a day.'

The current intensity of day-to-day combat is evident in the recent incident logs for Pte Samuel's regiment which show that soldiers have faced 109 individual attacks in a single day."


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