Monday, October 31, 2005

The end in sight?

I am coming to the end of Blairy England.

It is Samhein, the feast of the dead, all hallows or all souls eve. I have focussed so much of my life energy on the will to destroy something obscene and corrupt, BushBlair incorporated.
But in doing so I have suffered from an unconscious identification with the target to the extent that I once dreamed I was Blair. I may not kill off the blog yet, but I will move my energies onto something more hopeful and creative.

With bonfire night I will burn the effigies of Bush and Blair for the last time, hoping that the events of this last week in October are the beginning of the end for this putrid mess that is the Anglo American war machine state.

This week past has marked 2000 American victims of war to add to the 100,000 Iraqi victims, maybe 25,000 killed by insurgents.

We now have one victim at the top of Bushco too. One deceiver and lyer less at the top.

If Bush does not dissolve and reform his forces all the others will likely fall too.
I quote from a Celtic Bards newsletter.

"It’s one of four fire festivals in the Celtic year. Fire symbolism relates to spiritual illumination, to the underlying awareness of Spirit through all life’s transitions. It’s a liminal, transitional time. Transition can be scary, hence we have assorted ‘spooky’ Samhain traditions. By concretising unknown scary change, or making it comical like the funny little Mexican Day of the Dead figures, we make it manageable.

There’s a childlike element of play at work. Death doesn’t particularly worry my toddler, Téa. She saw a dead mouse the other day and said, ‘Hello mouse.’ David said, ‘It’s dead.’ She went, ‘Hello dead mouse.’

The other day she was looking at the back cover of a friend’s ‘Fortean Times’ magazine that I was looking at. Unbeknownst to me, it had a lurid image of a zombie from a game based on the ‘Evil Dead’ movies. She started asking, ‘That?’ I looked, and not sure what to say, went, ‘Oh, that’s one of the evil dead.’ This delighted her. Later that day she was running around in the garden with a trowel pursuing the ‘Evee dead! Evee dead!’ Good shamanic instincts, I suppose! One wants ancestral spirits about, but certainly not vengeful or hungry ghosts.

Every time I think she’s forgotten, it pops up again, like the other day in a shop with Nepalese skull masks, ‘Evee dead! Evee dead!’ The shopkeeper was quite amused.

Now, you might say all this funning is because children don’t understand. But maybe they understand better than grown ups that it’s all playing. Maybe they’re close enough to our immortal origins that they remember that everything’s alive and nothing ever really dies.

As ‘grown-ups’ it can be harder for us to cope with the fear of death. At this time we can play with and reflect on beginnings and endings, life and death, fear and desire and the now moment. Samhain, as a fire festival, conjures the power of illumination, of sacred fire, to help us cope."

My daughter had a pop up book with a shark head opening at her when she was tiny. She would make a bigger shark face back at the book. That has always been her stance on life. She devours it. Her hero is now starting to tackle sexuality at adolescence.

Meanwhile Bush and Blair appear paralysed by events.

Let us wish Messrs Bush and Blair a happy Samhein. Are they fossils already, or can they die and be reborn? Will that be the sacrifice of Rove and Cheney and a new team? Will Blair reshuffle his cabinet?

Reagan restructured and ended the cold war after his nadir Iran Contra.

I am throwing my rage into the flames.

It is time for a new start. My wife is giving up alcohol and beginning a new working life.
I shall look for paid employment for this digital pen of mine.

I spent a full unbroken hour supporting J work at reading and writing the other day. He just was not ready last year. No Blair Government edicts or social work threats could change that. But J is flying now. The school is functioning far better with the new head. It was worth my effort there. J is at least 18 months ahead of R at the same age now. She only started to fly when she was 12.

Meanwhile C is learning to apply his brains and imagination in real life. I helped him take appart fix and rebuild the dyson yesterday. I hope it is the start of a new world for him too.

Governments that think they can change our lives by micro managing our development are dangerous and destructive.
The news today is of a nanny state. But it is the tyrannical state that we really need to fear.

It is worth noting that the imposed National Curriculum is now reported failing to achieve its targets on so many markers. Creative teaching and good teachers are being continually destroyed on the altar of Macdonalds style school management.
I want to hear your ideas more fully, Mr Cameron.

We have the most tested children on the planet. But these children who learn to do better and better at tests are less competent to move to the work place as business leaders avow.

Meanwhile the testers are incompetent and overwhelmed with work.
What is the point of tests if the results are averaged, or made up, or assessed by secretaries. Mr Cameron, why have you not confronted the marking scandal?

This Government is a disgrace.

Wowa, boy! You are supposed to let go of anger and find your bliss.

Old habits die hard.

It is very hard to accept that this country is moving towards American culture and away from Europe.

Tonight is the American festival of "trick or treat".

I think of this as the all American way, the exploitation of the weak by the strong.

Old people in their houses are menaced by children demanding treats, with the threat of something very nasty if nothing is forthcoming.

I read that in Detroit in the eighties it became so bad there were 400 cases of arson. I do not blame someone for wanting to burn down the appalling school where G used to work, though..

Too many American children grow up to be either conventional mobsters and business recketeers, or military racketeers.

Give us information or we will torture you. Or, as is reported this week, renounce the insurgency or have your water supply cut off.
Why is it American marines in uniform look so much like the storm troops out of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Star Wars".

It is happening here.
My daughter, without my approval, will be out tonight trick treating, (they don't do any tricks) with her friends from her mother's house. My boys will not.
Through the post comes an advert for Age Concern featuring an old man refusing to tell anything to his torturing tormentors, not in 1944 but in 2004.

Blair,with an extraordinary degree of hypocrisy, declares that Iran is unacceptable in talking about the illegal destruction of another state in the United Nations.

How many United Nations states has he now invaded illegally?
He just wanted to depose the Governments.
But he and Bush seem to have effectively destroyed the state of Iraq.


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