Sunday, October 16, 2005

Christians v Muslims. Its war!

I have copied this specially for Sunday morning.

I am standing strongly for freedom of speech and thought and public expression of ideas that Blair wants to outlaw.

It picks up on statements made by the British Home Secretary that allegedly uncover the real war on terror, which is the Christian West making war on Muslim ideology.

It claims the West has gone to war rather than actually debate the values.

It also claims that the West has installed tinpot dictators in Muslim countries to squash real muslim values.

I think we passionate humanists should start the debate and stop the war.

A crucial question that comes to mind is whether women are better served as human beings by "modest" dressing or sexually explicit western dress.

In my own experience of western women, dressing in a sexually explicit style has not been an indication of what I would call real sexual freedom or equality, if anything the reverse.

But in my practice as a therapist I have not worked with enough muslim women to make any comments.

"October 11, 2005


British Government exposes real agenda against Islam and the Muslim world by attacking the Shariah and the Caliphate State

London, UK, October 11
– The British Home Secretary, Charles Clarke on the 5th October 2005 in a speech on Counter Terrorism at The Heritage Foundation, a neoconservative think tank in Washington DC, clearly spelt out that the war on terror is nothing other than a war on Islam and the aspirations of millions of Muslims across the world.

In a blunt reference to the desire in the Muslim world for Islamic governance, Clarke said, “What drives these people on is ideas. And unlike the liberation movements of the post World War II era in many parts of the world, these are not in pursuit of political ideas like national independence from colonial rule, or equality for all citizens without regard for race or creed, or freedom of expression without totalitarian repression. Such ambitions are, at least in principle, negotiable and in many cases have actually been negotiated. However there can be no negotiation about the re-creation of the Caliphate; there can be no negotiation about the imposition of Shariah law; there can be no negotiation about the suppression of equality between the sexes; there can be no negotiation about the ending of free speech. These values are fundamental to our civilisation and are simply not up for negotiation.”

This latest attack upon the Muslim world follows Tony Blair’s comments on the 16th July 2005 when he described as extremists, those wanting to establish Shariah Law en route to a Caliphate. These comments have established the fact that what Britain and America are fighting in the name of the ‘war on terror’ is the Islamic political system or Caliphate. The Caliphate State is the political system established by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Madinah and which was subsequently implemented throughout the centuries in the Muslim world till Britain dismembered the last Caliphate in Istanbul in 1924.

Dr Imran Waheed, a media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, said, “These latest comments from Clarke, have clearly exposed the reality of this so-called war on terror. The Shariah is the basic Islamic Law that regulates the individual and societal life of Muslims throughout the world. These offensive comments about the Shariah and the Caliphate, will leave no doubt in the Muslim world that this is a war against Islam and not about individuals or groups committing acts of violence. It is about the Western governments hatred and intolerance of Islam, the Shariah and the political institution left by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Islamic Caliphate State. Mr Clarke’s predecessor Lord Curzon, the British Foreign Secretary gloated after destroying the Caliphate State in 1924 - "the point at issue is that Turkey has been destroyed and shall never rise again, because we have destroyed her spiritual power: the Caliphate and Islam."

Clarke and Blair’s comments about the Caliphate reflect the inherent historical hatred within the British establishment towards Muslims living by the Shariah and Islamic governance.

These Western governments are now in a state of desperation as millions of Muslims, from Turkey to Indonesia are calling for the return of the Shariah and the Caliphate to replace the corrupt dictators, monarchs and kings that have been loyally serving the West ever since they destroyed the Caliphate in 1924. Having failed to face the Islamic movement intellectually and politically and realising the inevitability of the return of the Caliphate State on the world stage, Western governments have launched a worldwide war against Islam and the non-violent political work for the Caliphate.”

In this climate of intimidation, fear and repression, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain calls upon Muslims to intensify the non-violent intellectual and political work for the establishment of the Caliphate State, which will free the Muslim world from the oppressive dictators and puppet rulers patronised by Bush and Blair



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