Saturday, October 29, 2005

t r u t h o u t - Stirling Newberry | Deconstructing the Indictment

What does the indictment give us to go forward with? That is the question that is central now. I quote from Stirling Newberry.

"It establishes that Libby engaged in a two-year-long criminal campaign to conceal evidence of his actions, and blame others. It reveals that numerous other people in the executive branch, including Vice President Cheney, knew that he was lying to law enforcement officials and to the grand jury to protect himself.

Which leads to another question: Why did they tolerate this, knowing, as they did, from before the investigation, that Libby knew Plame's identity, that he had obtained that information through official channels, that he had acted on that information in an official capacity, and that he had revealed that information to reporters?"

The obvious target from here is Cheney. But since Cheney has always been in charge at the White House, can Bush replace him now? He needs to do so or the whole thing will be stuck in legal proceedings for the next two years.

Then there is the mystery witness that we all think is Rove. Fitzgerald is turning the Bushco inside out here. They must be squirming.
Who will betray whom? Who has done so already.

The most important immediate impact is that America has finally started to talk about the false prospectus for the war.

Who will vote for more sacrifices now, when they are discovering that they have been making their sacrifices, not for America, but to Bushco carpet baggers, with Cheney's Halliburton the biggest winner.

I am still staggered that the BBC Washington reporter was making out that this was less significant than the little Lewinsky affair.

It will be bigger than Watergate for the reason that the crime of Nixon was nothing to the crimes of Bushco that this will expose.

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