Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fitzgerald moving onwards

Fitzgerald notes a number of things Libby did. I summarise some of them.

1) Let the White House press secretary know of Plames identity
2) Told Miller he believed Plame was CIA, but asked her not to attribute this to the administration
3) Discussed with the Vice President and others how to handle media enquiries about Plame
4) He confirmed to a reporter that Plame was involved in sending Wilson to Niger.

What do you make of it?

Libby tried to cover his tracks by making people think that he was merely commenting on information given to journalists by others, and that Plame was already public knowledge and he did nothing more than confirm what the public already knew. But he failed to wriggle out. He was the source of the leak, or one of them.
But what is much more important, he clearly discussed with Cheney et al a political strategy for dealing with Wilson by outing Plame.

The key cover up that is uncovered is the attempt to discredit opposition to the WHIG marketing of the Iraq war.

Bushco broke the law in order to destroy opponents to their war lies, anyone who was willing to tell the truth loudly.

They are exposed. They cannot keep doing it anymore, or not with the old impunity.

The dogs are loose.

Let them feed off Bushco corpses.

They will be the Presidents dead men.

But how long before the law comes after the lies of Blair?


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