Saturday, July 30, 2005

The U.K is now a Police State.

The U.K is a Police State now.

It became crystal clear to me this morning listening to the Today programme debate, that the U.K. has now become a Police State. The killing of a young Brazilian by armed police marked a transition from a civilized society to one where the police shape our social relations.

When the decision to take human life is made not by the rule of Law but as an operational decision by police forces acting alone we have a police state. The decision to issue orders to shoot suspected suicide bombers in the head, without the necessity of a clear warning, was not a matter of law made by Parliament but of an operational decision by senior police officers. It was followed up by a bald statement by Mr Blair the head of the London Police Force that others may be killed in the same way.

We are not told what Mr Blair, the politician, said to Moslem leaders, when he met with them the other day, but it seems likely they were told to get into line with him. He issued a very scary warning to judges who might stand in his way that the mood has changed in the country. He is not likely to have been softer with less powerful people.

It is true that there is to be an independent inquiry into the killing. This “Independent Inquiry by the Police Complaints Authority” is as likely to be independent as was Lord Hutton’s.

I made a joking post recently about our wonderful policemen, after one of them managed to knock George W Bush off his bike at Gleneagles. If Mr Bush is not safe from them, what chance a black person carrying a bag or wearing a coat? A Jamaican born Guardian reporter tells of being harassed by London police recently because of his colour. His final comment on the quality of the detaining officer was observing the police man’s note on the reporter’s ethnicity. He was judged as Asian!

It seems to be a crime of association to live in the same block as a bomb suspect. But then it is OK for the suspect to board a bus, but not a tube. It is a crime, apparently, to run from police in plain clothes. It is apparently OK for them to shoot you in the head, when they have you lying on the floor.

Well, we are supposed to wait for the inquiry before coming to conclusions. But we cannot have confidence in any inquiry under this Government. John Humphries said to the prime minister something like, “No one will believe you now when you tell us that you have intelligence……..and if you cannot hold our confidence then you cannot be Prime Minister, can you?” Except he can and he is, and the terrified majority will back his police state.

It is a fairytale world we live in now, it seems. Four bombers blow themselves up, causing chaos and panic in central London. The police know nothing about it. But a TV crew is working on a programme on exactly this scenario at the same time. A couple of weeks later we have four bombers who have bombs that don’t go off, whom the police know about immediately and whom the police catch within days. If one reality is unpalatable let’s give you a better more reassuring one. Our policemen are wonderful again. Apart from a little reassuring killing in cold blood of an innocent man that is.

Mr Blair tells us that we mostly went back to sleep again after 911 woke people like him up. This London bombing will give him the momentum he needs to push on with his Police State and make every non white person in the land unable to sleep soundly. I have to tell him that many people are finally waking up to the reality that 911 was an inside job. In education his Government puts enormous emphasis on evidence based learning. In the National Health Service it puts enormous emphasis on evidence based medicine. There is no evidence that an airliner ever crashed into the Pentagon. All video recordings of the scene have been confiscated by the authorities. There is a vast amount of evidence varying from seismic recordings of below ground activity, to visual signals of a series of co-ordinated explosions inside the lower sections of the twin towers, as well as scientific study of the melting temperature of steel, all of which are conclusive in demonstrating that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition explosions, and not by airplane fuel. There are no other examples of fires in similar tall buildings leading to their collapse even after burning for 17 hours. A significant majority of New Yorkers have woken up to the official lies over 911. It is time we woke up over here.

Sadly the great majority of mainstream media will continue to try to maintain Mr Blair’s fairytale version of reality as the one we officially live in.