Wednesday, August 03, 2005

AlterNet: War on Iraq: Operation: Enduring Presence

AlterNet: War on Iraq: Operation: Enduring Presence: "'If the goal of ... the Bush administration, was to overthrow Saddam Hussein, install a friendly government in Baghdad, set up a permanent political and military presence in Iraq, and dominate the behavior of the region (including securing oil supplies),' Hart wrote in May, 'then you build permanent bases for some kind of permanent American military presence. If the goal was to spread democracy and freedom, then you don't.'

Bush has publicly denied that the United States has permanent designs on Iraq, and on February 17, 2005, Donald Rumsfeld told the Senate Armed Services Committee, 'I can assure you that we have no intention at the present time of putting permanent bases in Iraq.' For all the Bush administration has done to verbally dispel notions that it seeks permanent bases, it continues to plan and construct bases that are built to last, well, permanently."

Go check this report out if you were thinking about exporting freedom and democracy.

A new permanent military power base in the middle east securing oil supply is why the invasion was done.

I watched an old panaorama programme on the things Blair did not tll us about his plans to invade Iraq yesterday.
It was good but it ommitted the fact that the air war started in November and there was little to do but charge up the desert to Baghdad in march.

There are reports coming through that the prosecutor in Chicago has indicted Bush and his minions for everything from 911 onwards
There was even a story that Blair had ignored his subpoena.

If the time has come to go after Bush then maybe some action could start here. I don't see any signs yet though.